About our Podcast Show

“Oh, you want to get roasted publicly? We’ll call it Campfire Hour where the roasts are hotter than your mom.”

Like all the best ideas, Campfire Hour was born out of a couple of drinks between pals. Kelli and Kellan talked about starting a podcast in January 2019 and recorded their first episode on Valentine’s Day, bringing Kyle on as the producer and co-host.

Campfire Hour is a place to think outside the box, step outside of boundaries, learn from and celebrate bold business owners, all while having fun. If you’re into things like entrepreneurship, leadership, breaking stereotypes and your mom jokes… Campfire Hour is worth a listen!

Meet the Crew

Kelli Maxwell


Former Cheer Coach and Princess Actress (she actually dressed UP for money)

Owner of Ember Marketing Group, LLC

Smaller than the average human

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Kellan Evans

Co Host

Former MMA Fighter and Wrestling Champ

Mitigation Manager at Newman Restoration

Beat testicular cancer at age 31

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Kyle Taylor


Board President, Lieutenant and Firefighter at Worden Fire Department

Environmental Technician at Olympus Technical Services

Taller than the average human

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